Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chip Caddie use real golf balls?

Yes! Chip Caddie uses real golf balls, and they MUST be red.We include a sleeve of red Titleist balls with each system. Chip Caddie also ships with red foam balls for beginners to safely hit chip shots indoors.

What are the ideal space requirements for setting up Chip Caddie?

Chip Caddie needs about 10 ft of length (hitting direction) and 6 ft of width - this provides enough room for a 2/3 wedge swing. Depending on the room, the 10 ft x 6 ft recommended space may be slightly smaller or larger, but we've found this is a great baseline.

The screen height when assembled is just under 7 ft tall.

What shots can I practice on Chip Caddie?

Chip Caddie focuses on chipping and putting shots 40 yards and in.

Multiplayer Supported?

Yes! Chip Caddie supports 1-4 player local multiplayer.

Can left and right handed players play at the same time?

Yes, in April 2024 we launched an update that officially supports this configuration.

Does Chip Caddie provide technical support?

Absolutely! Our setup guide  includes multiple channels to call, text, or email and be connected with a Chip Caddie expert to get you set up in no time. Additionally, every purchase includes a complimentary setup call if you'd prefer to be guided through the process.

Is there a software subscription fee?

No, currently as an early customer, every purchase includes the existing software functionality, as well as free updates and new features for the foreseeable future.

If there is any future subscription based model, this would only be for new released features.

What is the return policy?

Returns accepted within 15 days of delivery. Chip Caddie will pay return shipping. A $100 restocking fee will apply.