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Say goodbye to three-putts

Chip Caddie

Short game chipping and putting golf simulator

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Introducing The Chip Caddie: The First Golf Simulator Dedicated To Your Short Game.
Elevate your golfing skills with the most portable and affordable golf simulator – specially designed to perfect your short game.

Why Choose Chip Caddie?

The Chip Caddie stands out as the first fully portable golf simulator exclusively focusing on honing your chipping and putting skills. Requiring just a space of 10 ft x 6ft, it snugly fits into almost any room, converting it into your personal practice space in minutes. Experience the next level of golf simulation that doesn't overlook the vital short game—over 50% of shots are played from within 40 yards, and it's the fastest way for amateurs to improve their scores.

What Makes Chip Caddie Stand Out?

  • Short Game Focused: Unlike other simulators, Chip Caddie is expertly crafted to improve your short game, providing accurate feedback and realistic experiences for shots of 40 yards and shorter.

  • Multiplayer Ready: Engage in friendly competition or practice sessions with fellow golfers in local Multiplayer modes

  • Space-Efficient Design: Utilizing over 60% less space compared to average simulators, it integrates seamlessly into your home without the need for tall ceilings, resembling a simple putting mat in size.

  • Plug and Play: Setting up Chip Caddie is a breeze, taking just about 10 minutes before you can start playing.

  • Cost Efficient: Offering a comprehensive package at a fraction of the cost of competitors, with no hidden costs or monthly subscriptions.

  • Beginner Friendly: Comes with foam balls to facilitate beginners in easing into the game.

Game Modes

Currently, we have 3 game modes available for our customers, with 3 more modes in beta testing which we are rolling out in the next few months (all included in your purchase):

Shoot to Advance:
Chip or Putt golf balls from a location until the ball ends up inside the “gimmie range”, and moving onto the next “hole”. This emulates how a golfer practices around the green, aiming to a target with multiple shots before moving on.

Stoke Play:
Standard golf scoring but from 40 yards and shorter. Multiplayer, most realistic to a short par 3 course. 

Open Range/Bucket of balls:
Pick any spot around/on the green and hit endless amount of shots. Main practice mode.

Closest To The Pin (Beta Program):
Great for parties or local competitions. Allow any number of players to attempt to beat the previous best shot on a chip shot.

Target Carry Distance (Beta Program):
Similar to Shoot to Advance, but instead a specific landing spot. This mode is designed for more advanced players looking to hone accuracy. Similar to chipping nets on a golf range.

Endless Putting (Beta Program):
A rapid fire set of different putting scenarios with different breaks and distances. Built to practice your lag putting distances and aim.

    Technical Specifications

    The Chip Caddie is a fusion of advanced technology and convenience, comprising:

    • High-speed camera for tracking speed and trajectory.
    • Mini PC for seamless operation.
    • Projector for immersive gameplay.
    • Hitting mat for realistic shot execution.
    • Impact screen and frame for capturing your shots.

    Get ready to witness your shots being registered instantly, with real-time data projection enhancing your learning curve.

    Order Your Chip Caddie Now

    Ready to transform your golfing game? Chip Caddie offers you unmatched short game practice whenever and wherever you are. Purchase now, and get ready for the most convenient short game practice right in the comfort of your home.

    Does Chip Caddie Use Real Balls?

    Yes, Chip Caddie ships with both real and foam balls (for beginners), and they must be RED!

    How much space do I need?

    Chip Caddie needs about 10 ft of length (hitting direction) and 6 ft of width - this provides enough room for a 2/3 wedge swing. Depending on the room, the 10 ft x 6 ft recommended space may be slightly smaller or larger, but we've found this is a great baseline.

    The screen height when assembled is just under 7 ft tall.

    What shots can I practice?

    Chip Caddie focuses on chipping and putting shots 40 yards and in.

    Can left and right handed players play at the same time?

    Yes, in April 2024 we launched an update that officially supports this configuration.

    What is the return policy?

    Returns accepted within 15 days of delivery. Chip Caddie will pay return shipping. A $100 restocking fee will apply.

    Make your short game the best part of your game

    Improving your short game is the easiest way for amateurs to quickly lower their scores. Imagine stepping up to your shot 30 yards off the green, and hitting with confidence knowing you can get up and down to save par. Chip Caddie was specifically built to practice these scenarios - and now you can practice anywhere in your home.

    Say Goodbye to three putts

    • Lower your scores fast

      Get up and down more often on the course, and eliminate three putts from your game.

    • Swing a club everyday

      We built Chip Caddie to provide a world class simulation experience. No gimmicks here - real golf balls, real swings, real results.

    • Fits anywhere

      Chip Caddie can fit in almost any home, and only needs about 10 feet of space to work. Keep it up or take it down when not in use.

    Chip Caddie Goes Anywhere