Say goodbye to three putts

Improve your game with the first home 3D putting simulator that runs entirely on your iPhone.

Time to start draining putts with confidence

Improving your putting is the easiest way to shave strokes off your score. Elevate your golf game with Putt Caddie: the first-of-its-kind home putting simulator that transforms your living room into a putting green.

How it works

Putt Caddie is a realistic putting simulator that uses the iPhones high speed camera and our proprietary software to track the ball as you putt. To get setup, you just need a few things:

  • An iPhone
  • iPhone stand
  • Putting mat (or any putting surface)
  • TV (ideally with Airplay) for screen mirroring
  • Putter
  • White golf ball
  • 8.5x11 sheet of paper (for calibration)
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The Putt Caddie Mission

We created Putt Caddie because we were tired of three putting and didn't have time in our schedule to make it out to the practice green enough. Traditional in-home putting mats fell short, lacking the ability to practice longer and sloped putts and full simulators were too expensive and didn’t have realistic putt tracking. Motivated to overcome these challenges and improve our scores, we dedicated ourselves to developing an indoor putting system that gave the same feel as being on the course with as little equipment as possible.

Your personal putting green, anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is needed to use Putt Caddie?

Note: none of this equipment is included. We've designed Putt Caddie so that you can get setup with things that you may already have at your home.

  • iPhone 12 or later
  • iPhone stand (can purchase on Amazon)
  • Putting mat with 4 feet of putting surface (you purchase on Amazon)
  • Putter
  • White golf ball
  • 8.5x11 piece of white paper (for calibration)
  • TV with Airplay. If your your TV doesn't have Airplay, you can connect your phone to your TV with and HDMI adaptor.

How much space do I need to setup Putt Caddie?

You only need 3-4 ft of putting surface length to operate Putt Caddie.

Multiplayer Supported?

Yes! Chip Caddie supports 1-4 player local multiplayer

Can left and right handed players play at the same time?


  • Setup anywhere

    Putt caddie only requires a 3'x5' space to operate. Setup in any room of your home or office. You can even setup in your hotel room on trips.

  • All you need is an iPhone

    No expensive equipment needed. Just an iPhone, a stand, and a surface to putt on. Connect to any TV using Airplay or HDMI.

  • Unparalleled ball tracking

    State-of-the-art ball tracking software ensures that your putting feel translates from Putt Caddie to the course.

Putt Caddie

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